Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

101 things in 1,001 days - Today's the day to start!
I decided I would post about it here instead of creating a feed.. this forces you people to read about it. :-P


  1. Walk to work every day for a week.

  2. Make my lunch the night before work every day for a week.

  3. Get a file cabinet and move my files from my parent's house.

  4. Move all my clothing from my parent's house to my apartment.

  5. Hang posters in the office/guest room.

  6. Figure out where to put all my plants and make sure they all have pots.

  7. Write a letter to myself to read 10 years from now.

  8. Tryout for a musical or a play.

  9. Organize my stuff and KEEP IT THAT WAY.

  10. Play the lottery.

  11. When proposed to, say "Duh!""Yes!"

  12. Get some bubbles and blow them in a public place

  13. Cover my outside door with wrapping paper at Christmas time

  14. Take a class at HACC

  15. Build a snowfort with some kids.

  16. Figure out where to keep the Roomba and set up a schedule

  17. Find all my rechargable batteries and replace the ones that keep dying

  18. Neopets

  19. Obtain the MSPP(TCG) avatar on neopets.

  20. Get a Dubloon Disaster Trophy on Neopets.

  21. Family/Friends

  22. Develop an address spreadsheet for all family and good friends and keep updated.

  23. Write a "Christmas Letter" and send copies with my Christmas cards.

  24. Have my brother over for a sleep over.

  25. Take my brother to the laserdome.

  26. Visit Aunt Karin once a month.

  27. Visit Cindi in VA.

  28. Go to another Lo Cash Cowboys show.

  29. Visit Heather in MD at least one more time before she moves(?).

  30. Have a picnic in the park with someone.

  31. Visit Lindsay in Chicago (by myself or with someone).

  32. Send all college-going relatives a "care package" (including Cathy).

  33. Have my family over for dinner.

  34. Throw a Christmas party.

  35. Sit down with Mike and come up with a list of our own

  36. Write and mail a letter to 2 elementary school teachers.

  37. Have photos of Mike and I taken

  38. Travel

  39. Take Mike to NYC

  40. Get passports for Mike and myself.

  41. Take Mike on public transportation.

  42. Test-drive a car I would never buy.

  43. Visit at least one state I’ve never been to.

  44. Go in one I.M. Pei building that I haven't been

    in before.

  45. Ride in a limo.

  46. Stay at a bed and breakfast.

  47. Entertainment

  48. Read 100 books.

  49. Read at least 50 books I've never read before.

  50. Read 10 books recommended by friends, no questions asked.
  51. Blog about each book read.

  52. Learn one song on the piano by heart.

  53. Write a poem every week for a year

  54. Go to the drive-in theatre.

  55. Do Karaoke.

  56. Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle

  57. Go bowling

  58. Go miniture golfing

  59. Take Mike to Indian Echo Caverns

  60. Go to see a stand-up comedian live.

  61. Watch all of the DVDs I own at least once, including watching all special features.

  62. See a show at the Hershey Theatre

  63. Project Related

  64. Finish at least one cross-stitch piece for myself.

  65. Complete this crafty meme.

  66. Frame and hang my Jim Craig poster

  67. Complete my bookshelf finishing project.

  68. Post a video of myself singing on YouTube.

  69. Create a DVD of Mike's "Harvey" performance(s).

  70. Embroider a tablecloth and matching napkins.

  71. Organize the cables for my entertainment unit.

  72. Put my family's home videos on DVD.

  73. Turn at least 1 record into mp3 files.

  74. Give a face lift & new content.

  75. Organize my RIT memorbilia (shadow box, etc

  76. Learn to drive a stick shift.

  77. Food

  78. Try 12 new recipes (and actually use the recipe).

  79. Try 5 new non-chain restaurants.

  80. Use my fondue pot

  81. Bake a cake in my cross pan.

  82. Finance

  83. Change the beneficiary on my 401k plan.

  84. Do my own taxes.

  85. Create a will.

  86. Start a 529 account or other education investment account.

  87. Invest in at least one stock.

  88. Obtain a GOOD cash-back credit card and make it work for me.

  89. Material World

  90. Get a futon mattress.

  91. Find a new pair of sneakers.

  92. Find a pair of shoes for work that I can walk distances in.

  93. Take at least one item of clothing to the consignment shop.

  94. Buy a new or used vehicle.

  95. Learn how to parallel park it.

  96. Buy a LCD HD TV.

  97. Find pants that really fit me and are comfortable.

  98. Buy a nice pair of binoculars/opera glasses

  99. Go to Saturday's Market.

  100. Sell Mike's VHS/DVDs for him

  101. Obtain copies (1st edition, if possible) of the Harry Potter books I don't have.

  102. Book a night at the Inn of the Dove.

  103. Community

  104. Start recycling with the township.

  105. Donate Blood at least once over the 1001 days.

  106. Anonymously donate $1000 to my church for organ repair.

  107. Pick up trash on my way to work.

  108. On every grocery trip, buy 1 thing to donate to a good cause (Not my stomach).

  109. Do 2 walks for good causes.

  110. Finish

  111. On Day 1001, publish a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list that includes anything I haven't finished


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