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Okay, so I'm waiting for Sluggy to Up-date before I go to bed, so I might as well post here while I'm doing nothing. Tonight after the meeting we went to Perkins. Again. Last night after the Players meeting, where'd we go? Perkins. And just about last week where'd we go? Perkins? No way! Okay, so I'm getting sick of Perkins, but I'm such a push-over that I'm sure we'll end up there next week. Blah. Oh, also, the meeting went really well tonight, got lots talked about and accomplished... and I'm excited for tomorrow 'cuz I'll have tons of time to do homework/RITSMAwork during work... and then I have a class, and then I have Singers with more Encore! Auditions... exciting stuff! And maybe I'll get a chance in there to play some pool with Dan... who knows? And the day after that is FRIDAY! YES! I want to sleep in so badlly... but that could just be due to the fact that I'm tired right now... in fact, that's probably exactly why I want to sleep now.... maybe I'll just go to bed without my sluggy fix... after all, it will be there in the morning... Guess I'll wait 'til tomorrow.. 'night all!
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