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Harrisburg, we have a Wegman's! Today was the Grand Opening and Mom, Karin, and I spent about 4 hours there! It is an absolutely beautiful (Paul - very similar to the Mount Laurel location) and I think there were a lot of Wegman's-converts today. Should be interesting to hear from Karin about the Wegmans vs Giant "war". (Giant is our major grocery store) Wegman's is about 30 minutes from my apartment & about 20 minutes from Harrisburg. Ironically, it has been dubbed the "Harrisburg Location". e.e

Yesterday I got my car washed. It's all nice and shiny!

This morning on the way back from church, my passenger-side front window died. Ahhhhh. It's all taped up now and Dad is calling Shutty's Auto Body so hopefully they can fit it in this week, otherwise I'm going to have to put it in my parent's garage next week while we're at the my cousin's wedding. *sigh*

I'm almost done with the cross stith piece for my cousin's wedding gift. I just need to get it done in time to get it framed and everything before Saturday.

I haven't heard about when my tap class is going to be yet either. The teacher is dividing the class in half because 50 is wayyyyy too many. But that also means that one has to be on Wednesday. I said Tuesday or Wednesday would be okay, but I'm really surprised I haven't heard yet. I'll have to give her a call if I don't hear tomorrow.

Anyway, that's pretty much what's going on right now.
Tags: life, wegmans
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