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Corey & Jessica's Wedding Weekend

Friday night, Mike came over and we watched some Due South and Mel Brooks' Silent Movie which was hilarious. We also had tacos for dinner (I'm officially out of hard shells). Mike kicked himself out at a decent hour so I could get some sleep.

Saturday morning, I was packed and at my parent's house by 9am. We left around 9:20 and drove to Galloway, NJ. Driving out we went through Philly (yuck) and we also drove between fields of NJ Blueberries (YAY)! Very diverse trip. ;-) We drove by our hotel (couldn't check in yet) and had lunch at the Galloway Dinner. Pretty good. Then we drove back to the hotel and checked in and met up with our other relatives that were staying there. We hung out in the hotel room for a while and got ready for the wedding. I played on my laptop with the free wi-fi. We left around 3:15 for the wedding.

The wedding and reception was at the Historic Smithville Inn. Smithville is a shopping trap, but the Inn was lovely and it was a very nice setting for the wedding. When we arrived, there was lots of meeting and greeting of various relatives and people we had met at Jessica's Bridal shower at the end of August. I have to say, though, everyone looked different, albeit very lovely, all dressed up! When you meet someone and they are in khakis and a polo shirt, it is hard to recognize them when you see them again in a fancy dress!

It was extremely humid and about 20 minutes before Go-time, it was threating to rain... but it cleared up very nicely just in time for the service to begin. And for the sun to be in our eyes during it. :-P Better than rain, though! The ceremony itself was very short (15 minutes, tops). It was well put together and everyone looked so pretty! Jess's gown was amazing - oodles of beading! And although the bride's mother was worried about an impending wardrobe malfunction, there were no problems. As part of the ceremony, they did a Wine Ceremony (closest description I found can be read here under "Wine Ceremony - III"). Before we knew it, my cousin was married! Let the celebration begin!

Directly after the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour (literally an hour) with open bar and hors d'oeuvres. I nursed my Jack and Coke and ate various yummy things - sesame seed chicken tenders, crackers, cheese, fruit and veggies... and a bunch of other stuff. I think Albert had about 4 Shirley Temples, and he was upset because they said they couldn't make a pina colada. Sigh.

Liz was upset because she is currently 20 years, 10 months, and 3 weeks old. ARG! She was sneaking tries of my drink. ;-P

After about an hour of socializing, we were herded upstairs to where dinner and dancing would be taking place (as well as cake cutting, bouquet throwing, and garter tossing). Liz, Albert, and I were sat at the not-quite-kids table. (the 10 youngest were at the same table) But we got champagne and got to sit with the other younger-ish cousins. Rachael and Jess (not the bride). The Prime Rib we ordered was AMAZING. I've been thinking about how good it was ever since, actually. And the portion was huge. Ahh, meat. Anyway. The cake cutting was nice, but it was hard to see, because everyone was just kinda gathered around. Corey and Jessica started off their marriage quite nicely by not shoving cake in each other's faces. I approve. The bouquet/garter thing was a lot less... um, classy, sadly. Anyway, no one from our side of the family caught anything, so I wasn't that interested, so I txt'd Mike. :-) (my first txt on my new phone!)

Kristy's toast (the sister of the groom) was fantastic! I had heard she was really nervous, but she read from her notes and really did a great job. Grandfather also said a few things, and he did his normal ramblings but managed to not take half an hour. :-P

Dinner was served around 5:30... and we didn't leave until about about 10:30... so all that other time was used for DANCING! YAYAYAYAYS! After a bit of prodding and poking, we got Albert out on the dance floor and I know he was glad we did that. He was having a ball. We were all dancing around and having an awesome time. Some Country music that Corey and Jess had picked out, but also a general variety of stuff. The dancing started off with the traditional bride/groom dances and such and then the bride and groom led everyone in a conga line that got everyone out on the dance floor. There was YMCA, Electric Slide, Cotton Eye Joe (which has a dance? o.O), Grease Lightning (also, dance? o.O) and the chicken dance! Woo! Other general random-ness that was lots of fun. They could have turned the A/C up and everyone would have been more comfortable, but oh wells.

OH, and Liz practically drank my entire White Russian. What a stinker. :-P

And for the record, Cousin Jason has promised all of us a dance at our respective weddings. We are totally holding him to this even if it means we have to pay his airfare to get up here. :-P

The ride back to the hotel was uneventful (thankfully) and we pretty much crashed as soon as we got back. Well, Liz and I called our BFs first.

Sunday was much less eventful. Those of us staying at the same hotel had breakfast together at the hotel. My grandparents were pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of the continental breakfast. Strangely, we were some of the only ones that ate breakfast at the hotel (even though there was No Vacancy), but that was good because we pushed tables together and were rather rowdy. :-)

My family drove from NJ to Kutztown to drop Liz off at school. First we had lunch at Mama's. It was very good. I have half of my 'boli for lunch today. YAY. Also, Albert and I hadn't seen her current room yet, so we got to see that when we brought her stuff up. She and Angel have a nice room again. Just no microwave this time around. I gotta send them a package sooner than later. Liz never gets mail. :-(

After we dropped Liz at K-town, the rest of the ride went quickly. We discussed Albert's and my schedule for this week. After we were home and I sorted out my stuff from their stuff, I loaded up my car and went home & unloaded everything. I had a quick dinner of grilled cheese and chips before Mike picked me up for game night! Yikes a lot of stuff this weekend!
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