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Ahhh... Sunday.

It's a great day. And I have a few statements to back that up. First of all, it's Sunday.... and that's a good enough reason to be a great day... Sunday is like my free day since Friday & Saturday seem like a full weekend. And today, for the first time this quarter, I remembered that I wanted to buy a Sunday Newspaper.... so I grabbed a bunch of quarters and headed over to the Crossroads thinking that there was a paper machine outside, and that it would be like, $1.25 - $1.75... but there wasn't one. So I go inside and they actually sell them on the counter for $1, that's $0.50 under retail value! \/\/007! And then, on the way walking back through S-Lot, I found a shiny new quarter.... so I only paid 75cents for the paper! Yea me! Plus it's an absolute gorgeous day! I can't wait to finish the last of my homework.... then I can make myself some breakfast, read the paper, and sit in the beautiful sun-shine streaming in our living room window... ahh...
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