Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Richard "The Rat" Lenny announces retirement

Hershey Names David West As New CEO



Now, I must say that I am extremely glad to have the man who was unaffectionately nicknamed "the rat" to be (finally) driven out of Dodge. However, the fact that Lenny hired David West from Nabisco (where Lenny worked last) in 2001 does not give me much faith in Mr. West. He shall have to prove himself. I find it to be rather foreboding that HSY has dropped almost an entire percentage point* since I've been researching the story... and I doubt that is a trend that will be changing until the new regime shows that he knows something about selling chocolate (and various sundries).

Throughout the debacles of the last few (okay, almost 10) years, my brand loyalty has seriously waned. Sadly, the "Hershey is the best" attitude in the Central PA region has also waned. My only hope is that moving forward, the Hershey Trust will continue remember the principles on which the company was founded.

*yes, I realize that 1% is not a large drop. But it is a trend that I have a feeling won't be changing until the former glory of the Hershey brand is restored.
Tags: business, hershey, money
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