Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

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That movie...

So I was watching the movie Flawless with Robert De Niro.. well, I wasn't watching it with him, he was in the picture... you know what I mean... anyway, I just wanted to comment that supposedly it is a "good movie"... according to someone, a comedy... let me just say, Not Funny. And it did not hold my attention at all... at one point I realized I was just watching it so I could say that I've watched it... how sad is that? At one point, I was like "Who the hell are these people!?!?!".... apparently characters we were supposed to know through some sort of psychic process... oh well... I didn't watch it to the end 'cuz I felt like posting... for once, so I thought I would... now I don't think any one thing will be able to keep my attention... I better hurry up and write some RITSMA e-mails... blah...
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