Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Sad and strange...

Okay, so here we are, 4 or so weeks into the quarter. I have a test in Data Communications the end of the week and we are allowed to have one sheet of paper, front and back, for notes to have with us for the test.... now, that's what? 6-7 classes(12-14 hours) worth of lecture notes.. I was thinking, one page??! I'll need more! But I was working on it tonight at the IFC and I'm realizing that I've only filled one side of the paper and I only have 2days worth of notes left to summerize for the sheet! Dude! It seems like so little information to be having a test on... hey, but I'm not to judge...

But it also helps that I'm writing just about as small as Jen Good can, so it just goes to show that writing small enough for ants to read can be helpful sometimes!
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