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I drove down to MD yesterday for the day to go to the MD Ren Faire with Heather and to meet up with Jac (quembelle). It was amazingly crowded (so says Heather) compared to the weekend that she, Cindi, and Elga went. I figured it could have been worse. *shrug*

After I got my ticket (Heather had a two day pass from the last time), we waited by the front gate for a while, but no Jac! :-( We finally gave up (Hey, so what happened to ya?) and I wished I had gotten her cell #. *tear* I hoped we would randomly bump into each other, but no such luck.

Anyway, Heather and I wandered around. I was on a quest to find the turkey leg place. YUMM TURKEY LEG! And Heather got a massage. YUMMM mass- wait, no. Anyway, it was fun. We wandered some more, I got chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick and one of those orange icee thingies (which I successfully ate the whole thing but the peel). We watched some shows and looked in the shops and stuff. It was fun. Around 5-5:30 we headed out (after the witch trial - LOLIES). It took a while to get out of the parking "lot" (read: dusty field), but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Then we went back to Heather's and I got my car and we went to dinner at Chik-Fil-A (WOOOOO). That was good. And yummy. From there we went our separate ways and I noticed that Heather's left backup light is out (possibly the brake light that goes with it). (PS HEATHER DON"T FORGET ABOUT THAT).

On the way home, I managed to get turned around twice. That's what happens when you are tired and dumb. Ironically, I didn't get messed up on 695. Silly Catherine. (went south on 97 and almost went over the bay bridge and went south on 83 and almost ended up in baltimore. doh) Was only about 20 minutes out of the way, total though.

Anyway, between being dehydrated and allergied from all the dust at the faire, wasn't feeling that great when I got home, but now I'm feeling better, except my nose feels yucky.

Today I've got a couple of CraigsList pick-ups today (some X-stitch stuff, and hopefully a real, live(well not so much) TV! dudes) and I'm thinking of con-ing mike into joining me since he's got the day off. He should be done sleeping soon, I hope.
Tags: 101things, adventure, life, renfaire, weekend
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