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Tuesday stuff...

Yeah, so it's Tuesday and it's finally October... and today I got my season tickets for the RIT MENS ICE HOCKEY GAMES!!! Woooo-hooo! *yea* Very exciting... but now I am low on cash, so let's hope my parents come through on that point.

Other Tuesday stuff so far, T@C went very well... with the exception of Ryan "The Slacker" Jones being late... and he didn't even go to his class!!! What's up with that?!?!?!? Gah. Anyway, we had Matthew Cross who was extremely awesome. Apparently he has an LJ so I should do some digging and find out what his user name is... hmmm... anyone know?

Oh, and then riding my bike back to the apt, the wind was not in my favour at all... so now I'm very hot and yucky.

That's all for now I better get in the shower before I have to get to class...
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