Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

No More S.V!

Yea! I'm all finished with SingingValentines for RITSMA... and now on to bigger and better things... like school work! Yep, good stuff... seems to me that I remember something about classes and good grades and um, why I'm here... right.... One more week of classes and then FINALS!!!!!! Dear Lord in Heaven... when did that happen? I didn't see it coming, that's for sure! :-P Bah. I just finished studying for my Discrete Math test which is tomorrow @ 8am! Good stuff, that Discrete Math. And then I have work tomorrow from 1-5pm, so I will have lots of time to work on, Writing and Lit(2 journal entries, 2 papers), History(READING FOR FINAL!), and my Singing Valentines report... It's going to be all organized and stu.... crap. Right. crap. ;-P And I just finished talking to my parents on the phone earlier this evening... sounds like they aren't going to be that much of a pain when it comes to getting my new computer for next quarter... They just don't understand that this lovely piece of S-H-I-T will not get me through another whole quarter, especially with 219(JAVA III)! Anyway... I need to take a shower and get to bed early tonight... Womens Hockey game tomorrow! Woo-Hoo! :-D
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