Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

In which Catherine talks about sports.

First off, a warm congratulations to the 2007 WORLD SERIES champs: THE RED SOX! YAYAYAYAYAYY!

I watched a little bit of every game.

Also this weekend, the RIT TIGERS (Men's Hockey team) beat Cornell at the Blue Cross Arena. 4-1!

My favourite paragraph from the article?

With the lights out in the arena moments before players skated onto the ice, Cornell supporters began a ‘Let's Go Red' chant that was tersely drowned out by RIT fans in the boisterous crowd of 5,142.

Way to show them how to do it, Corner Crew!

And lastly, I saw an SUV-truck-thing with a license plate of XPROQB-1 this morning. Now I'm wondering who it might have been and if they are for real.
Tags: redsox, rit, sports
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