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I'm officially a member of the all Female Acappella group, "Encore" at RIT! *yea*
This is exciting. Yet, the excitement seems to be dulled by the fact that Encore will never be as cool as 8-beat measure or Brick City Singers.... it's just not possible... so if I was a guy, and I had gotten into one of those groups I would be so ecstatic that I would not be able to sit still, I would be jumping off the walls, I would be hooting and hollering and whatever I would do as a guy.. but instead I am calmly writing this live journal entry explaining this to all of you.... and you probably don't care about this....

But for a girl in "Encore", I am excited... I hope we get to do some cool things this year, maybe shake stuff up a bit, and have some FUN! Woo-hooo! And all though I'm a bit bummed that I'm not a guy, I'll deal... I have before. :-P

I'm sure you all really needed to hear that.
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