Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

List After List - A Website Review

List After List is a website that collects user-created lists - in any category! The site is still in beta, but there is plenty of content to browse. You can search through lists - which is really simple & straight-forward, or you can create your own. There is everything from the entertaining to the informative. While you can browse the content without creating an account, if you want to post your own list you need to register with the site. The process is quick and easy - and doesn't require too much information. Creating a list is really straight forward. The hardest part of creating your own lists is coming up with the content. With the amount of lists that are already on the site, it doesn't seem like coming up with content is all that difficult either. Other features of the site include commenting and rating lists, user profiles, and the ability to create a "favorites" list (yes, a list of lists!). There are also 3 different kinds of lists - personal lists (only the creator can edit), wiki lists (allows anyone to edit), and editor lists (created & edited by the LAL staff).

This is definitely another one of those sites that can take up hours of your work day!

My favourite lists so far:

Top 10 Waterfall Pictures (strangely, there are 17)
Must-Reads -- Less Popular Works by Most Popular Authors
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