Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Hagerstown, MD & the Ryan Jones Show!

er, Lo Cash Cowboys. Whatever.

Yesterday, I got off of work around lunch time, came home, packed up the car, and went to pick up Mike. From Mike's we headed to downtown Harrisburg to visit Aunt Karin in the hospital (she had knee replacement surgery on Thursday morning). Other than taking a non-shortcut, I manuvered downtown pretty well. I hate driving in Harrisburg. I don't know why, but I get all nervous and flustered. I never had that happen when driving in DC or Rochester (either one), so I don't know what's so different about Harrisburg, but anyway.

We got a text from Jones when we were in the car which said he wasn't going to be done with soundcheck until 5:30ish so we decided we would take our time visiting with Karin and get to MD when we got there. We visited with Karin for about an hour before Mom showed up around 2pm. She was extremely lucid compared to the day before and our visit went really well. Mom showed up at 2pm and then Dad and Liz showed up around 2:30, methinks. About that time Mike and I ventured upstairs to the cafeteria for some lunch. Mike had a make-your-own-sandwich and I had a salad and a cup of soup (yum). The cafeteria is on the top floor and we got to eat while looking out over the Susquehanna River which was really very beautiful. We went down to visit a bit longer, but Karin was on her way to Physical Therapy, so we tagged a long and watched for a bit before we said adieu. I was completely amazed by the amount of mobility she had less than 36 hours after surgery. Truly Awesome.

Mike and I only encountered a bit of traffic on the way down and I think we arrived in town around 5pm. We met up with Cindi and Jones (and Jones' Mom) and then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and ate too much. :-P It was very good, though. They have a very affordable 6oz sirloin steak. I was impressed. Mike devoured his burger, so I think he liked it too. We have one of those restaurants around here some place, so I'm thinking we should go there more often (or, ya know, when I want a steak).

After dinner we swung by the hotel to get more earplugs and to figure out what to wear to the show (for maximum comfort). I should have been thinking - which of these clothes would I rather smelled awful and of smoke? But I wasn't. Oh well.

Of course, the venue and the band were on Jones Standard Time, so instead of the show starting at 9, it was pushed back to 10 and then really didn't start until about 10:15. :-P We spent the first set down on the dance floor, and then moved around more during the second set. I am so not used to standing for that long. My feet are still killing me.

We didn't get out of there until I think 1:30-1:45. It was a smashing show and Ryan really did a bang-up job playing his fiddle and mandolin. It is like some sort of out-of-body experience watching him jam up there with these guys..... LIEK OMG HES FAMOUS.

We parted ways with Cindi in the parking lot - hopefully we will get to visit with her more often now that she is close. Hopefully our schedules will mesh at some point.

This morning we went to McDonalds for breakfast and hit the road by 10:30. Mike was back at his apartment by 11:45, I think. Sounds about right. I went to Karn's to get 5 pounds of chicken and other groceries. I'm definitely going there to get some turkey for the after thanksgiving thanksgiving that Mike and I are going to have. Their meat is fabulous looking, tasting, and all local. YAY.

Now, I'm going to find my gloves again, fabreeze my pants, and head over to the hospital for another visit.

over and out.
Tags: adventure, family, friends, life
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