Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Dear people that live near me

I am going to be singing in public a bunch of times the next couple weeks, so here's my "tour schedule". :-P

(Sunday) December 2nd, 5:30pm: Hummelstown Community Singers @ the Hummelstown Tree Lighting Ceremony. It's on the square in Hummelstown, PA. Cross your figures if you are looking for parking. Also, cross your fingers it doesn't rain.

(Monday) December 3rd, 7:00pm: Hummelstown Community Singers @ Country Meadows Nursing Home, Hershey, PA. Technically for the residents, but if you would like to come, let me know and I could probably smuggle you in. :-P

(Sunday) December 9th, 10:30am: Catherine Germann - Soloist @ Shells Lutheran Church. I'm singing something... that I forget the title of. But it's pretty!

(Sunday) December 9th, 3:00pm: Hummelstown Community Singers @ United Church of Christ (Brownstone). E Main & Water Streets, Hummelstown, PA. This is our offical Christmas Concert. There will be refreshments afterwards.

(Monday) December 24th, TBA: Catherine Germann - Soloist @ Shells Lutheran Church. It's Christmas Eve! I'm singing Oh Holy Night! It will be fabulous.

This will be probably cross-posted to facebook tonight when I figure out how to do that.
Tags: life, singing
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