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Long day...

Friday's were so beautiful... long and open with plenty of time to accomplish things... and now... No. Not anymore... between doing stuff for RITSMA and my new activity, Freedom Fridays are a thing of the past..... however, it makes my three day weekends so much more appealing.... I get a LOT accomplished, even if it's not just school work. The thing I fear most is getting behind due to Brick City Weekend... I project NO time to do work... with my parents up and all... *sigh*... anyway, I'll just have to do extra work this weekend to keep up... I'm hoping to have tomorrow morning for that, as long as nothing comes up... I haven't been one for sleeping in lately... I only slept 'til 9:30 this morning... and I could have slept 'til noon! But I got some laundry done and things... I still have to go through all my stuff from the job fair... oye... what a job...
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