Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

today was exahusting

This morning I made waffles. It was semi-scary. The recipe was definitely messed up in some way because when it was supposed to be "batter" it was "dough" I added an extra half a cup of water and it seemed to be better. They turned out OK, but were kinda "tough". Plus it took about 2 hours to mix them up. Peaked Egg Whites should NOT BE NECESSARY! Mike says his mom has a good waffle recipe (and a chocolate waffle recipe!) so I've gotta e-mail her for those. Anyone else have waffle recipes to share? :-) Preferably ones that are relatively quick to throw together. :-P

This afternoon, I SHOPPED. I switched my prescription to RiteAid and got a $20 giftcard for doing so. Then I spent $50 there. :-P But! I probably got $70 worth of stuff, so all and all, not too shabby. I also went to 2 Dollar Trees, the grocery store, the Bakery Outlet, Michael's, Borders, and Wal*Mart. Whoa. I'm not even thinking about how much I spent total. Although, I am set for groceries now for about 2 weeks, so that's good. Also, I just need to place an Amazon order and I'll be 90% completed with my shopping. YAY.

I went to my parents for dinner tonight. We had lasagna which was very yummy! Dad ordered rugs for the kitchen ONLINE! They are gorgeous - they arrived today and he just ordered them on Wednesday! Go :-) I am definitely impressed with my Dad's growing interwebs skillzorz. :-P

When I got home tonight, I unloaded the car (mostly) and wrapped up some of the presents. I was in charge of getting presents for Kate & Cindy (director & pianist of Singers) to give to them at the concert tomorrow. I was really worried about what to get them, but I think I got something they'll like. I'll post about that later, I think.

Now I am watching this crazy show on TLC about insane Christmas lights. If it's on again, I recommend catching it. Interesting to see some of the antique items and the high tech right next to each other! :-)

Now I am sleepy and gotta rest my voice for tomorrow. Singing at church and then our concert in the afternoon! Weeeee! :-)
Tags: family, life, singing
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