Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Singing, Singing, and more singing!

I sung in church this morning. Maybe when I have time I'll transfer the video to my computer and figure out how to upload it. But then what about copyright laws? I don't know. It went well, but I haven't watched the video yet, so who knows? :-P

After church, I came home and got ready for the concert. Mike came over and we made soup and grilled toasted cheese sandwiches. (I made the soup, he made the sandwiches) Yummy! Then we hung around for a bit and left to go to the church for the concert. We had to be there at 1:30, but the concert didn't start 'til 3, so we got quite a bit of rehearsing done and also set up for the reception and such. They have their tree all set up at the UCC church (lucky UCC people getting to decorate for Christmas during Advent!) and it SMELLS WONDERFUL! I wish I knew who to call to find out what kind of tree that was. Maybe I'll call the office tomorrow. hm.

The concert went really well. There were a few little oddities, but most were caused by Kate's (director) strange announcing of songs. No harm done, though. My little solo went well and all in all, a good time was had by all. Lots of people hung around for refreshments, too, which was nice. We got out of there by 5-ish.

Mike came back to my place (since his car was here) and we were trying to decide if we should plop on the couch and watch a movie or what, and then we decided we weren't toooo tired to GO to the movies so we saw Enchanted. I really enjoyed it! It was a fairytale and a every-day-love-story all wrapped into one! And Timothy Spall pretty much reprised his roll as Peter Pettigrew. :-P Also, Susan Surandon kicked butt. And James Marsden has an awesome voice. The only thing that I was a bit disappointed about was that Idina Menzel was in it, but she didn't sing one word! WHAT?!?!? *le sigh* But apparently, she recorded a duet with Marsden - so hopefully that will be on the DVD. Unfortuantely, it's a Disney film, so I'll never be able to AFFORD the DVD (darn you, disney!). Anway, after the movie, Mike and I parted ways. Now I'm going to take a shower and get ready for bed!

G'night, ya'll!
Tags: family, life, review, singing
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