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More Singing

Tonight, in lieu of a rehearsal, we sang for the Hummelstown chapter of the Lion's Club. They rented the local VFW for the night, so that was where we were preforming. Mike and I got there at the same time as a bunch of others (at 6:30 when we were supposed to be there) and were told we weren't going on 'til after 7pm (instead of AT 7pm). Also, there is no piano in the building, so someone had brought their 56-ish key keyboard. (fyi: a normal piano has 88 keys).

Um, yeah.

So, I volunteered to go get my keyboard from home and bring it back to set it up and use it (since mine is full size and has all 88 keys). Mike and I go back to the car, drive back to my apartment, disassemble the piano set up, put the keyboard & stand & cables & bench in the car, drive back to the VFW. Mike went in to enlist some help bringing the keyboard into the building carefully under the cover of my ugly blanket since it was raining. Then I went and parked the car in the municipal lot down a block.

By the time I walked back to the VFW, they had the keyboard set up and were trying to figure out which jack to plug the peddle into. We got that figured out and our pianist started warming up on the keyboard. She had never played on an electronic keyboard before! =-O She did really well considering that since it is a way different feel and can take some getting used to.

The singing itself went really well. My solo rocked. The space is very small so the accustics were really tight. If that makes any sense. It was nice, because for once, I could hear every part! OMGs. Yeah. So, it went well. But it was approximately 150 degrees in that building, so we were all sweating. And we should have cut more than 4 songs because we have too many songs for only one set. But anyway.

After it was all over, I got the car and we loaded everything up again. We realized that I now have 2 headlight bulbs out. Before it was only one bulb on the side that was redundant, but now I'm in the whole "illegal" territory. When we got back to my apartment, and got the piano back in, Mike read my car manual and found the kinds of bulbs I need to buy at Wal*Mart tomorrow. And he bookmarked the page that I need to look at when I replace the bulb. Looks just about as easy as the back light sections, so I'm not worried. I just wish it would stop raining so much so that I could actually do it.

Yesterday, the bulb in one of my halogen lamps died, so I have to get one of those at Wal*Mart, too. Especially since it's the lamp that I turn on when I walk in the door so I don't run into walls and stuff. Yeah. Safety.

Now I'm exhausted and if I thought my shoulders hurt after yesterday, tomorrow is going to be really bad.


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Dec. 11th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)
Song list?
Why do your shoulders hurt? You should go to the Renn festival and get a massage. lol.
Dec. 11th, 2007 01:23 pm (UTC)
Because we sign from 3 ring binders that are 2"inches. We have approximately 17-23 songs and, yeah, they are really heavy. My shoulders hurt from holding them up. I should take some tylenol.

And Song List what?
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