Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Santa Was Here!

I was standing at the stove in the kitchen and I heard fire sirens pretty loud. I peaked out the window and I saw fire trucks coming up the street! I thought maybe one of the houses on the street was on fire, but there was no smoke or flames or anything that I could see.... then I heard Christmas music BLASTING! So, I grabbed my coat (I don't know why I bothered, it's 60 degrees out) and my keys and went down stairs to check it out.

Behind the fire truck was a pick-up truck pulling a trailer that was all decorated - AND THERE WAS SANTA SITTING RIGHT THERE! The kids that live up and down the street had all come out and he was handing out candy canes. It was so cool! On the trailer was also a bunch of guys from the fire department and a guy with a microphone. He was saying how Santa wanted to come down cul-de-sac just for these kids. It was really cute. Behind the trailer was ANOTHER fire truck... and they all turned around in our little cul-de-sac! I'm not sure how exactly they managed it. Skilled drivers.

It was pretty nifty. And now my last (I think) batch of cookies are in the oven and I just have a bit more wrapping to do before I'm all set for tomorrow.
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